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Monday, October 20, 2008

Our first post!

So really it's Karen's first post, since Adam is at his MCAT prep class for another few minutes. He plans to take it in March and then he will graduate from BYU in April! That's pretty exciting for a couple reasons (Eric I already told you): 1. He graduates and that's really awesome! 2: I get to stop working within a few months of that and go to school full time! OK, I know I won't be as excited to be a full time student when it comes around, but just go with it for now :) The last couple weeks I have been working 8.5 hour days and surprisingly I have been doing the best I've ever done! I thought I would be exhausted having to work from 6am-3pm and then going to school for a couple hours after that, but I reached 139% at work, which is amazing!
The latest news: Dad's getting married! Congratulations Dad and Marlene! 40 more days!