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Friday, September 16, 2011

Wesley turns one in a WEEK!

Here's what he's been up to lately:

-He is walking all over the place
-What does a cow say? "mboo"
-What does a monkey say? "ah" (We have a book that says ooh ooh! ah ah!)
-I can ask him to get a ball or a book and he does it while saying, "buh."

-He can roll a ball back to me
-He can (still) say "hi," his first word
-He loves to look at books and thinks DVDs are the same so he pulls some off the shelf. He always ends up with this one

-Shows he enjoys food by saying, "num" or "mom"
-he can do sign language for "more"
-he blows kisses by putting his open hand anywhere on his face.
-he blows back at me when I blow on his food
-He understands when I tell him to take a bite... instead of shoving a whole grape in his mouth or when I hold a sandwich close to his mouth
-he really likes grapes, bananas, goldfish, teddy grahams, cheerios (with or w/o milk), broccoli, green beans, yogurt, salmon, meatballs, cheese, mexican rice, fajitas...well, everything for now.

-He really doesn't like: that I am trying to switch him to whole milk from mom's milk. Oh well, we have some time to get this down.
-He loves to play chase. "Here. comes. mommmmmmmeeeeee!" gets him really excited and he squeals and runs down the hall. Every time I get closer he squeals and runs away, which sometimes makes him fall over, but he gets back up as fast as he can and toddles away.
-He loves music. At home, on a toy, at the grocery store. If he doesn't do it on his own, all I have to say is, "Wesley, do you hear the music?" and he moves his little body and bobs his head.
-He gives high fives
-He claps
-He has a super cheesy smile when a camera is near

-He rode in his own seatbelt on a ride at Disneyland

-He sleeps with his bum in the air

And even though he only sees Daddy early in the mornings and on Sundays, there's nothing that can replace the love and pure joy they feel for each other!

Happy (almost) Birthday to my little guy! He sure makes the world a happier place.