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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference Weekend

This weekend we watched General Conference. All four sessions, I might add. I was really looking forward to this, and I was also really dreading missing it if I needed to chase Wesley around all day.

It was perfect.

-Saturday we all slept in. Adam had to catch the bus, but Wesley and I hung out in our jammies all morning! That's one of the best parts of Conference weekend.
-When I put it up on our laptop, he said hi to President Monson about five times...Pretty sure he thought we were Skyping with him! LOVED that moment.
-He paid attention to the choir singing and sat very still (the first couple times)
-Right when the song was over he folded his arms and exclaimed, "pear!" Had to break it to him that there isn't a prayer after every song, but so happy that he knows the routine :)
-Every week in nursery, he colors a picture to take home. I saved a few and taped them to our coffee table so he could color during conference. This kept him very busy. He knew the color pink and he also pointed out all the hearts on his papers! We worked on other colors, too, but he knows this because most of his plastic easter eggs are pink, so he got excited when so many of his crayons were shades of meant he could identify a lot!

-Snack time consisted of grapes, crackers, and milk. Between snacks and coloring, two hours passed so quickly! It was blissful and way better than I thought conference could be with an 18 month old!

-Naptime took up the entire 2 hour afternoon session, so I got to watch it all by myself while he got some much needed rest. Best of both worlds!

I got so much out of the words of our leaders, and shed some tears as the spirit testified of the truth of it.

We got to spend some time with our great friends Alex and Tara that afternoon! They live in Newport Beach and we found the perfect park! You can see the smiles!

Sunday morning I made crepes!!! New Spjute family conference tradition?? I think yes! Along with the crepes, I heated up some sausage, made scrambled eggs, made a strawberry sauce for the crepes, and topped them with whipped cream! I listed to conference as I cooked, Adam watched it on the couch, and Wesley watched it in his high chair while eating dry cereal and drinking a sippy of milk. Breakfast was ready at 9:30, so we ate for the next 30 minutes and then only had an hour left to entertain Wesley. He colored for half the time, and then we found him in his room reading books for the rest. Couldn't have been better!!

Wesley loved spending Sunday with Adam! They have the best time together, I just had to capture this sweet snuggle moment...even if it only lasted a few minutes!

The biggest thing I got out of Conference was: do it now. If you need to repent, forgive, clean your house, be a better mom, make your home a place of order and where the spirit can it now. Also, it's never too late. Don't feel guilty about not having done something already, just do it now and be happy. One of the speakers said, "Don't hyperventilate about something that happened at 9am when the Lord is trying to bless you at 6pm."

So, that's my goal. Do it now. Don't put things off. Maybe "setting goals" is a strange goal, but I think my work wouldn't be so overwhelming if I broke it down into weekly and daily goals. There are so many little house organization projects that I want to tackle, but just can't when Wesley is awake (like under the sink where the cleaning products are). By the time he goes to bed I am usually exhausted and it's hard to have the desire to think up something to organize. It's easier to sit and relax. Maybe if I have a list, I'll actually keep the momentum and get my home in order. It's not terrible, just little piles of paper here and there, our closet needs to be organized, and so do our cupboards under the sinks. During the afternoon session on Sunday, I actually pulled out our file folders and went through papers from 2008-2012. I made piles to throw away and shred. After conference, I actually shredded the ones that needed it and when we went on a walk, I took the garbage bag down to the dumpster! It's a rare occasion for me to complete a task in it's entirety in the same day! This was a great start to a new month, a cleaner home, and a fun 6 months until next conference!

By then, we'll have a 4 week old baby brother!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He's studying...

Adam is in the most difficult portion of medical school thus far. I know there will be tougher times ahead, but just for now, this is hard. He leaves around 7:15am and used to come home around 9:30pm, but has been getting home at 8pm this week so he can see Wesley just before bed. It's been great for our family, but it means that we eat, put Wesley to bed, and then he goes back to studying until bedtime (around midnight). It's working fabulously, actually! I am SO happy to have him home sooner...even in the other room. Wesley loves seeing his dada. They are so silly together! He lets Wesley climb all over him and they are just so cute together. Wives, you know, there's just something so adorable about the person you fell in love with playing with the person you spend your days with :)

So, tonight we left the dishes so we could put Wesley to bed. Adam went to study. I sat down to check the computer. An hour later, Adam came out to get a drink and I was super embarrassed inside that the dishes weren't done. (he never mentioned them, sweet guy) Especially since he was talking about how much work he had to get done and how little time he had to do it. (He has a huge board exam at the end of April and pretty much has to know everything about biochemistry, pharmacology, embryology, anatomy, physiology, and even more. And when I say "everything," that's what I mean. From what each muscle, vein, artery, organ, and system does to how they do it and any little thing that could go wrong with each part or system.)

Yep. Here I am, sitting on the couch with the laptop checking out pinterest, facebook, paying bills, checking email...Relaxing after a long day with a busy toddler. But still, I have absolutely nothing on my med-school-hubby! I feel like his job is so much more stressful! Well, no matter what, I was going to show something for my hard work sitting on the couch for an hour. Ha!
I clicked over to my recipe board on Pinterest. I knew exactly what I wanted to make and have been wanting to make it all day, actually. I've made it once before and it seemed absolutely perfect!! No one goes wrong with this recipe! If you haven't tried it...oh my! It's heavenly. And just and moist as it looks. It makes me feel like I'm an awesome wife and mother. It makes me feel like I have awesome baking skills. Really, it's all thanks to those 3 sticks of butter.
Cinnamon Roll Cake!

So there, I just studied too. Thanks butter :)