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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I'd like to start out by saying that Dad and Marlene's wedding was beautiful! Today marked their 2nd weekiversary! Dad, do you need any medicine for Christmas?? I don't think I can get anything stronger than vicadin, but maybe some chocolate will help ease the pain of the fall off that horse! Seriously, though...Beautiful! I am so happy when I see how happy you make each other!
Stacey met Michelle the night before the reception and turns out they did not tell each other what they were wearing the next day...Hmmm...crazy!
On another note...It seems that Adam and I have been studying for finals all day and have been in the Christmas spirit for the past few weeks as well. Yesterday, we got a card from Grandma and I couldn't figure out why she was sending us a card for Christmas even though we'll see her next week. I didn't figure out until I read the inside of the card that she was wishing us a happy anniversary! How sweet! Our 2nd Anniversary falls this Tuesday, December 16th! We both have finals that day and we are getting ready for the 12 hour trek to CA this weekend, so it had somehow slipped my mind! I have been counting the days we've been married and we've celebrated every monthiversary for 23 months...seriously, it was strange that I would forget this one! Anyway...Happy Anniversary!