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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forever Pregnant

"This morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and thought to myself, "I'm going to be pregnant forever."

It's been over 10 months that my body has been growing a baby. At least 8 or 9 months of this pregnancy I felt like it was exciting to watch my belly grow and read about the development of this baby. I've read up on all sorts of things and asked all sorts of questions. Recently, it's been so fun to feel him move around and watch him play with Adam. There was a period of a about a month where I woke up every morning wondering if it would be his birthday.

Now, I've gotten used to the fact that my belly is huge compared to what it used to be (though strangers still tell me it looks little), my face is rounding out, I have stretch marks, and I have to wear flip flops to church due to water retention in my feet and ankles. Lately, I feel like this is who I am... Like I'm always going to have all of these features. Sometimes I think, "there's REALLY a baby inside of me who is going to come out and this is only temporary?? Nah."

Every weekend when I go grocery shopping and clean the house I think it's going to be the last time I do it before this baby comes. Every time we go to Disneyland we think it's going to be the last time before the baby (We've been 6 times since August 23rd). Every time we go to the dollar theater or hang out with friends or go to church or send Adam off to school...we think it'll be the last time before the baby comes. Adam's been coming home right after he gets out of class at noon and studying at home instead of staying on campus just in case.

Today was the first day I sent Adam out the door and didn't worry about what would happen if I needed to get a hold of him before he gets out of class at 5 tonight. Pretty sure the baby's going to be inside for a few more months =) I had a pretty busy and fun day yesterday full of laundry, a long walk, scrapbooking, making granola bars, and a couple hours at CA Adventure. It was followed by a soothing banana bubble bath and some icy hot rubbed on my back before bed since I get sore just by walking around these days. I felt more contractions throughout the day and they are getting stronger, but there were only a few per hour depending on what I was doing.

My last post was on Saturday, the 18th, and it was all about our trip to Disneyland on the 17th. We went again on Monday with our friends Sean, Rachel, and their 6 month old Jakob. Here we are in the Haunted Mansion:
Jake wears headphones when things are too loud at the Park:
Adam, Sean and Rachel went on Splash Mountain so Jakob and I hung out. He's such a mellow baby!
Guess who sat in the front...
Tuesday, the due date, we went to the dollar theater to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice! Adam has really been spoiling me lately with all the time we've been spending together! Last night, we got together again with Sean and Rachel to go to California Adventure! We got there around 6 and the park closed at 8, so here's what we were able to do in that short time. After our ride on the ferris wheel, we caught pictures this time of us being weighed in tortillas while we ate our free samples.

There is a 3D show called It's Tough to be a Bug and these are the cool glasses we got to wear!

They finished off the night with Tower of Terror and Jake hung out with me outside since there was only a 13 minute wait time for that ride. Lines sure are short on weekdays!

Adam's classmates are so nice and they ask him about me and the baby every day! I'm sure he feels like I'm going to be pregnant forever too since they've been asking him the same questions since he started school almost 2 months ago. I'm a little worn out from yesterday and people keep telling me to sleep while I can because I'll need the energy when I'm in labor. You got it....I've started the bread machine, blogged, and now I'm off to take a nap! =) Maybe a walk and some shopping will follow!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What would you do if....

...your doctor told you she didn't expect your baby to come this weekend since you hadn't changed/progressed since last week??

Go to Disneyland, of course!!!
Friday was the first day it was decorated for Halloween so we went around 5:30 and stayed until 10:30. We went to the Haunted Mansion first, since it was all decorated like the Nightmare Before Christmas. When we go with friends or family they will have to go on Space Mountain with Adam since that's decorated too, and I can't go on it right now.

We went to CA Adventure and saw an awesome Muppet 3D show, which I will highly recommend to all children and adults! Such a fun and interactive show! Turtle Talk with Crush was really cool and interactive too!
We found out that our personalities are most similar to Buzz Lighyear and Mulan...quite the combination! We got some free tortillas and got on the scale which said we weighed about 2000 tortillas =) Ursula stole our voices but gave them back after we acted out a scene from Bambi for her. We went to an animation studio art class and learned how to draw Mickey Mouse. We went on a Monsters Inc ride, and then we headed back over to Disneyland so that Adam could crush my score on the Buzz Lightyear ride once again!

We grabbed some yummy burgers at In n Out on our way home and watched the first half of Aladdin before we both fell asleep on the couch! When we crawled into bed to read scriptures, our little guy was so active! Adam caught some of it on video and I wish I could share, but the file is too big. Oh, and the update on the baby...he's coming when he wants to. The latest we'll go is 41 weeks, which is September 28th...the day Adam proposed. I'll let you know when he decides to let us know his birthday!

While getting out of the car to see Knight and Day at the local dollar theater Adam said, "I know why the baby hasn't come yet. He likes going to the movies with us!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Latest Adventures

Here are some photos to capture the memories we've been making these last days before the baby. We are having so much fun together! I made all of them small on accident, but if you click on them you can view them larger. We were goofing around after church on September 5th and this is one of the best shots we got! I was almost 38 weeks.

Disneyland the very next day on Monday, September 6th. We were so happy it didn't turn out to be our "Labor Day!"

This Monday, September 13th (the day of my last blog post), Adam took his big exam. Once he got home we had lunch and he pulled out his guitar! He hasn't played since we've been here in Irvine and it was so wonderful to hear him play again! He played some fun songs that we could both sing along to, as well as some songs that he plays/sings just for me that always make me cry! His voice makes me melt when he sings those and it brings back memories of when he proposed!
Around 4:30 we headed out and got into Disneyland around 5. It was only open until 8 on Monday, but we did eight things in three hours! We started out in Fantasyland and hit Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Snow White. The Snow White ride is all about her wild adventures and takes you through the scary woods and the evil queen tries to give you apples...kinda scary...and then the doors open to a wall that is painted like the last page of a fairy tale that says, "And they lived happily ever after." I was laughing pretty hard because it was such a surprise! There's no closure to the story! Just scary part, scary part, and they lived happily ever after!

After that, we went on the Tom Sawyer river cruise. It was nice and relaxing and the weather was perfect!Then it was off to Pirates which had NO wait time...we walked right on the ride! I was amazed! Adam kept talking about the Captain EO show and how it had replaced the Honey I Shrunk the Kids show. I had not seen either show, so I didn't know what to expect...let me just tell you that I was laughing so hard once again! That same laugh from the Snow White ride...the one where you laugh because what you are watching doesn't really make sense and it catches you off guard that you just have to laugh! Michael Jackson did have some pretty amazing moves in this 1986 production, though! It was 3-D (the reason for the glasses in the next picture).
Alright, so after the amazing Captain EO show, we hopped on the Buzz Lightyear ride(no line) where Adam crushed my score by over 100,000 points!
We had time for just one more ride and so we decided to ride the rocketships! It's the same concept as the Dumbo ride, but in tomorrowland. The man counted us off, just assuming that we would ride together, so we thought nothing of it...I mean, if this man thought we could fit in one rocket together, then we probably would. WRONG!!! =) Another moment of intense laughter!! Here we are in the rocket! Okay, so we made it in, but it was an incredibly tight fit (Adam's legs were stuck and I was just wedged in there). We finally figure it out and were barely situated, but laughing like crazy, and the man comes over to ask us about our seatbelt! Oops...hadn't gotten that far. I was nervous it wasn't going to fit and they were going to make us get out, but luckily it fit! That would have been so embarrassing! We laughed during the entire ride like we were dating again!! Moral of the story: 2 adults + 1 beach ball do not fit very comfortably in a child-size rocketship.
On the way into the park (at 5) I smelled the waffle cones from the ice cream shop and told Adam we should have waffles for dinner. At 8:30, when we got on the shuttle to go back to our car, Adam asked what we I wanted for dinner. I reminded him about the waffles, and he laughed and said it sounded like a good idea. I think he thought I may have been kidding earlier, but they still sounded like a yummy dinner idea! I mixed up the batter and remembered that my mom had sent us a Cinderella waffle iron a couple years back that we've only used a few times. This was the perfect night to get it out (it has the belgian waffle grid on the other side)! Adam picked out a movie from redbox and a package of sausage and what a fun rest of the evening we had!
Last night we watched an Indian movie (3 Idiots) and had Indian food with a group of Adam's classmates! It was a really good movie, despite the title, and the food was delicious! As I was washing my face and getting ready for bed, Adam came in with the camera to get some shots of me at 39 weeks. Surprise! Had I known he was going to do this, I would not have been getting ready for bed, so please excuse the lack of make-up!

I can't believe tomorrow we'll celebrate 45 months of marriage and he still finds new ways to make me laugh and melt my heart!

Monday, September 13, 2010

8 Days to Go

The grocery shopping is done, house is clean, bag is packed, laundry is going right now, clean sheets are on our bed, and we have a trip to Disneyland planned for this afternoon.

The day has come.

Adam has been telling our little guy for weeks that he can't come until after Adam's biochemistry exam on 9.13.10. By the way, if you're wondering how med school is going for him, follow the link to his blog on the top of this blog. His last post was August 31st and it's a great post!

I've been having appointments every week lately and here's the rundown: At my appointment on August 27th, I was not dilated and about 40%. September 3rd, I was at a 1 and about 60%. This past Friday, September 10th, I was 1.5 and still 60%. I think I could have progressed more last week, but I purposely tried to lay low as to not give this baby any chances of coming before Adam's exam. He's been studying for it for 3 weeks straight and it covers a lot of material!

Adam is at school right now taking his exam so we made it!! Our little Wesley, Logan, Mason, or McKay has permission to arrive.

My sister-in-law had her baby girl yesterday: Payton Sawyer Simes! She is such a doll from the pictures I've seen and I can't wait to meet her...probably next month! Looking at those pictures, I can't believe that our baby is about that same size (Payton was born 2 weeks early and was 7lb 11oz). Our doctor is guessing that ours will be somewhere around 8lbs when he's born too. I still can't comprehend that there's a baby belly looks so round that it's hard to imagine the shape of a baby with little fingers and toes. I recognize him when he moves around, but it's a feeling I can't quite express. I am amazed at the creation of these little babies and can't believe we are going to have one of our very own!

I think Adam said it best yesterday: "It's like getting married all over again, except you don't know the wedding date. Once we are with this person, we are going to be with them for eternity."