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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Pregnancy is full of emotions I am coming to find out. Yesterday we knew that Adam would be going in to work a shift at the hospital from 6pm-6am so I got up and worked on his tailored shirt, which is almost done, and I let him sleep in. He had planned a bike ride/picnic in the park/geocaching adventure for the afternoon! It was a gorgeous day and we had the best time together! I was so in love and happy. He kissed me as he headed off to work. I was pretty idle the whole time he was gone and I protested going to sleep until 1am after much tears and sadness.

I have cried more than I ever have and we're barely coming up on 15 weeks. I have cried watching commercials, cried when Adam's not home at night, and definitely cried while praying. Life has been full of emotion this semester because we found out we were pregnant during the first week of school. I think it could have been emotional without the crazy hormones and feeling nauseous and fatigued: It's my last semester before graduation and the big move, Adam got a second job working at the hospital and is now gone through the night a couple nights each week (hence the crying when I have to go to bed alone), and I've had to make and sell $1000 worth of caramel apples (started out fun but quickly became stressful when I had to take the lead on this group project).

I am still generally a happy person and it doesn't take much to please me. Example: Today was pretty rough because my eyes still hurt from crying last night so it was a constant reminder that I was sad. This afternoon I started crying pretty hard for about 15 minutes. Adam tried to talk to me once but I didn't feel like he understood. He came back with an Oreo and we talked for about 5 minutes and now the world is a wonderful place! We are both having a great night tonight even though he went in for another shift tonight at 6pm. Sounds so strange huh? I don't get it.
Sometimes Adam laughs at me for saying one thing but really wanting something else. I have never been one of those women who gets moody for a few days every month, so I think that's why this pregnancy thing is throwing me off. I love that Adam has been able to laugh and keep me in a lighthearted mood so we can both laugh together! It's all about the simple things in life. Even if it's just an Oreo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something smells good...

I heard a friend just say that her house smells good because she cleaned like crazy so I am writing to say that mine smells good too! Unfortunately not because I've cleaned. It's because we're running low on cereal and I decided to make some granola cereal since Adam has the car at work and I can't go get more. I got it all done and then I remembered that he usually gets excited walking up the stairs cause he thinks I've made cookies and then it's a let-down when I have to tell him I only made cereal.
NOT this I'm making chewy granola bars too! They're kinda like cookies right??

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"How's the the zoo? You know, the baby panda?"

So, the title of this post is not to give the impression that we are pregnant with a baby panda (though I think if we were we might get millions of dollars from various scientific foundations) but a baby human. (It actually was a quote from Brian Regan). Here is a rundown of whats going on in our Spjutiful world:


- is pregnant (duh! right)
- went with Adam to hear the heartbeat (not beats thank goodness) on Wednesday and all sounds good
- is due September 21ish
- is making a sweet tailored shirt for Adam for her sewing class
- is selling delicious caramel apples for her business class ($3 each, and soo worth it)
- is graduating April 23
- has next baby appointment April 7
- will find out gender of the baby in May
- loves horchata
-'s dad will be sealed April 10


- is not pregnant
- heard his baby's heartbeat
- just found out that being an OB/Gyn doc would be like working at Hancock fabrics (too much estrogen for him)
- works in psych department at the hospital (although Olive Garden isn't too far from the same job)
- has 4 more weeks of skiing left (he's been 11 times this season)
- is still waiting to hear back from UCI and UCSD (don't ask till end of May)
- is stoked for camping, hiking and backpacking this Spring
- sells lots of caramel apples.
- loves Karen more than horchata

Baby Spjute...

- is not pregnant either
- is growing