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Friday, August 27, 2010


Adam and I are now the proud owners of Annual Disneyland Passports! Since Mondays are the days Adam has exams, we treat them like Fridays! He came home and had lunch and then we met up with Kate and the boys for the afternoon!
The entire time we were in line, Hamilton wanted to ride the green Dumbo, so we raced out of the gates and we actually got it! (kinda looks like he could be our kid)
Beckett did not look like this the whole time we were there, but this does capture his level of calmness and contentment. Hamilton rode his very first roller coaster once Alex arrived and so Beckett and I hung out and made each other smile and giggle the entire time they were gone! Unfortunately, Adam had the camera during that time so I couldn't capture those smiles.
Of course, Kate was kind enough to capture our first family (the 3 of us) adventure to Disneyland! I was 36 weeks along for this one. We had the most relaxing time (since I can't do any roller coasters) going on Pirates, Small World, Roger Rabbit, Dumbo, Soarin over CA, and just being together as a family! I am so happy to be back in California!

Quick update on the pregnancy from my appointment this morning: Baby's 5.5 pounds, still high, not dilated, about 40% effaced, he's in position (head down), and I lost a pound since my last appointment 2 weeks ago (which is perfectly okay according to the doctor)! Everything is looking great and she's not expecting him to come any time soon. I love to watch him move around every day...It almost feels like he's tickling me from inside and it makes me smile! I just love this time I have with him inside, but I feel ready if he does decide to come sooner than his due date!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Major picture post!

All settled in and I've figured out that the popcorn bowl rests perfectly on my belly! (we actually have a "no-eating-on-the-new-couches" rule so that was the only time I did that.) On to the White Coat Ceremony...All students were given roses to give to someone who helped them get to this point.
Mom grabbed the camera and posed us in a little photo shoot around campus. Not sure what to do at first, but I'm so glad she captured the moments!

The Ceremony:
Introducing the iPad which all students received with notes and textbooks loaded:
Just had his white coat put on him and received iPad...3rd one walking back to seat:

You can read more about his perspective on life as a med student by following the link at the top of this blog. The next day we took a 45 minute drive and played at the beach for a couple hours! I think we're even closer to Newport Beach, but this is where family was!

Can't even enjoy a relaxing beach day with the family without the advertisements. There's a pig in the middle of this picture...forgot what it was advertising, but I got a good laugh.
Building sandcastles and digging:
Having fun on the boogie board! Adam caught some great waves:
Grandpa and Hamilton:
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's actually a kite!
And who could forget cute little Beckett?!
Last of all, on this latest post, I would like to take you on a tour of our new home. There's still room for more decorating, hanging curtains, and putting pictures on walls but here's what we've got so far! I love that it's so open and it feels like we have so much more space!
When you walk in and look to the right, this is what you'll see:

To the left of the front door is the dining area and coat closet:
Straight ahead is the kitchen and hallway:

Long awaited dishwasher of our very own! We have used it 3 times and are unfortunately too used to doing dishes by hand that we forget about it and just use it as an oversized drying rack: door on the left (bathroom) and one on the right (nursery/office) just past that is the "laundry room." At the end of the hall is our bedroom:
Nursery/office- I just moved the pack n play into our room and the carseat will go in the car, so there's not much in here yet. The dresser and other baby items are currently in the closet.

Beach Monkey bathroom:
Laundry room closet:
Master bedroom: The pack n play is now on the other side of the bed. That's how big this room is! Intimidated by wall space, but I'll decorate it somehow!

Master bathroom (same size as other bathroom, just has glass shower doors):
Master closet-contemplated putting the pack n play in here, but it would be too hard to get to our clothes:
That's the place! I love living here. We are just upstairs from the pool, which we have been using, and we've also been frequent users of the community gym. I had a Dr. apt last Friday and she asked if I was feeling any contractions and I told her I hadn't. Right then she said I was having one. I've been paranoid ever since, trying to recognize them, but I have to feel my belly to check...I still can't feel them on my own which is a good thing! I don't go back for a couple weeks so she's not thinking he's going to come any time soon, but I've been thinking of what I need to pack in my hospital bag and I'll probably get that ready this week just in case I end up like my sisters and deliver in about 2 weeks. My due date is 5 weeks from yesterday, and he's still got some growing to do, so I'll keep him inside as long as he'll stay! It's so fun to feel him move around and kick/punch Adam before we go to bed =)