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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Wonderful Morning...

Wesley and I got up around 6:30, had a delicious breakfast (he had baby oatmeal and some applesauce and I had grown-up oatmeal), crawled around, read stories and we both went down for a morning nap at 8:30! I was going to get up when Adam left for school at 9, but well....kept sleeping until 10. I got ready for the day, made my to-do list of errands, and checked my email. Wesley woke up around 11:30! I fed him lunch and packed myself a pb&j for the car since I knew the rest of the day would be a whirwind of errands and activities.

We were out of the house by 12:30. My thinking: I'll go to the fabric store, then the grocery store, go home, bake a cake, leave the house by 2:20 to be at my eye appointment by 2:30, leave doctor to pick up friend for activity by 3:15 so we can be to activity that I'm kinda in charge of by 3:30. Be done with activity at 4:30, clean up and home by 5. Around 6 I can start his bedtime routine and have him down by 7 and I can whip out a pair of pj pants since I have to teach two girls how to make them next week and we'll be going out of town tomorrow.

Great plans! How'd it go?

That poor little sandwich is still in the diaper bag.

My fabric store plans: pj pants pattern that I have is missing the envelope but I had the pattern number, SO all I had to do was find the envelope, see how much fabric I needed to tell the girls to get, pick out fabric for myself based on that amount, get the fabric cut, grab pins and elastic, check out.
Actual: pattern is currently not in stock. Call mom. She saves the day and tells me I can just measure the actual pattern pieces to see how much fabric I need (perfect-I'll measure those while the cake is baking). Remember that JoAnns has a take-a-number thing for the fabric cutting station so I run to grab one before I pick out my fabric so I won't have to wait later...SO smart right? Well, usually. Today happens to be the only day they decided not to use it and there is already a line of 5 women each with multiple things they needed cut. This was NOT going to work with my time frame. Okay-rethink. I have coupons with me so I'll just grab my other things and come back after the activity around 5 to pick out fabric. Hooray-50% off and 40% off coupons both worked and I left the store pretty happy. In a hurry to get to the grocery store, but happy.

By this time I knew I only had time to run in and grab a box of cake mix since it was going to need to bake for 30 mins. Forget the rest of my groceries...I'll worry about dinner later. Got cake mix. Got home at 1:50. Appointment in 40 mins with 10 mins of drive time. mmmm...not happening. Mixed ingredients together dropped cake batter off at friends house so she could bake it and told her I'd be back to pick her up by 3:15. Run to barely make it to eye appointment by 3:30.

A week ago my eyes were red and itchy, but it was not pink eye. I went in to see this doc and I was out the door 15 mins after I walked in. I found out there was some bacteria in there, got a prescription for eye drops and he told me to come back in a week. Because of the smoothness of that appointment and that my eyes are all better this week...well, that is the reason I scheduled this appointment only an hour before my activity.
Wait in office for 10 mins with tired baby, but he's hangin in there. Wait in room for 10 more mins playing peek a boo and just listening to him whine about wanting to be out of the stroller. Doc comes in at 2:50. Asks how I'm doing. Wesley smiles at him and we talk about my happy baby. He shines lights in my eyes.
Doc says, "I'm just going to put these drops in your eyes. Tilt your head back." squirt. squirt. "Okay, so those drops I just put in are going to completely dilate your eyes in 15 minutes. You can wait in the waiting room if you'd like. Your eyes may be a little sensitive to light, but that's all."
Me: Okay, well, I have to be somewhere by 3:30.
Him: what time is it? oh. You should be out of here by 3:10.

I have never had an eye appointment in my life and I had no idea what was about to happen to me. My 20/20 vision went blurry and I couldn't even read the certificates on the wall. Wesley was squirmy. I couldn't use my phone to text or call anyone because I couldn't see! It was the most awful thing I have experienced. With a day already going how it was going...I'd have to say this was worse than labor. At least I knew what to expect with that! Finally I thought the time on my phone said something that resembled 3:10 so I walked back to wait in the room. He came in 5 mins later, shined more intense lights in my eyes, said, "hmm...interesting." Sent me to the room next door so they could take a picture of the back of my eye to check for tumors. I asked if I should take the baby and they told me to leave him. Wesley started screaming by this point because he was the only one left in the room. I thought they said to leave him because someone would stay with him! The guy took a picture of one eye. Then the other. Shows me the screen and says this is the back of your he was going to explain the picture to me. I just looked over at the room where the screaming was coming from and looked back at him. He told me I could go. I was so frustrated because I couldn't even see the picture he was showing me anyway!! I acted calm, but I was so hurt inside. I felt completely betrayed. At the front desk, they told me I could go home and sent me with some paper sunglasses. The doc walked by and reminded me to come back every 12 mos! :) Seriously, he had the nerve. I asked him if I was okay to drive like this and he said to just be careful, especially because of the baby. DUH! I asked him (which I thought he should have volunteered this info) how long it would take for my eyes to be normal. "3-4 hours." As soon as I walked outside I started balling. All the way to my car. It was 3:30 by now, and I was supposed to have stopped at my house, picked up my 9-year-old friend, and teach a class how to decorate cakes! There was going to be no way I could see the detail to do that. I needed to reset my GPS to get me home. There was NO way I was going to find a freeway with such horrible vision! What's the catch? I can't read my gps to reset it! Just a blur! Still balling, I pulled over, remembered we have a shortcut button that I can push to go home so I found it and went on my way. I wanted to call someone and vent but my bluetooth wasn't charged AND I couldn't read my phone to find any contacts or push any numbers. Seriously. The most horrible feeling in my life! I cried for the whole 15 minute drive home and yelled at my steering wheel. I think I even honked at a car who cut me off in the middle of an intersection. I was not myself.


The rest of the day went much better. Wesley napped in the car. The activity was half over when I got there and the other lady in charge was completely sympathetic to my day. Cake decorating went wonderfully and we made it home safely. Wesley giggled at me and I could finally see him clearly when we got home at 5. It was fun to feed him dinner and play tonight. I have no groceries, no fabric, and no dinner, but I can see clearly again. Hallelujah!

We'll have pizza tonight and see what tomorrow holds.

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kate said...

Boo! I've had many of those days, sadly.

And as someone who has been going to eye doctors a long time, I CANNOT believe he didn't tell you about the dilation BEFORE he did it. Bad, bad doctor.

Glad the rest of the day got better...yea pizza!