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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Wesley post

Since I didn't start at the beginning of November with something I'm grateful for, I'll just run down a list of things I've been noticing that I love about Wesley...the little things I wish other people could think are just as cute as I (his mommy) think they are about my son. I've been keeping them in my head for too long and don't feel like getting out my journal.

1. when daffodils tickled his nose on our walk he giggled. (and then ate it as I tried to capture the sweet moment) I am so grateful to live close enough to Target for it to count as a "walk" and "errand running."
2. he ate a whole can of green beans for dinner
3. He can say sssss like a snake. I just taught him this week :) See...maybe this sounds lame, but I just want other people to be proud of his new tricks! And I think S is a difficult sound for kids to say...any one know more about child development that can back me up?
4. He has a book with a puppy in it and I stuck my tongue out and panted like a puppy while reading. Lately he's been opening his mouth and panting (no tongue, but wide-eyed and pointing) when he sees a dog in a book and in person. SO cute that he picked up on it while everyone else things a dog says "woof" :)
5. He panted at a giant stuffed dog at Target :)
6. He panted at the feather boa's at the craft store today! Cracked me up!!!
7. Another thing I love? His hair. It took him a whole year to grow some. (okay, first haircut was at 6 weeks but I had to get rid of that mullet.) I do love his perfectly shaped head (since more and more babies need to wear helmets, I count this as a blessing) and the fact that he wakes up with great hair. I can flatten it out by putting my hand on it. I do want daughters, but for now I am happy putting pants, a top, and socks on my little one. No tights, bows, or other accessories. When I do have a girl, you can send all of these products that your heart desires, for I love love love them...I am just still getting the hang of this "mom" thing and am still late for 1pm church sometimes.
8. To pass the time in lines, I have him identify things or make animal noises. Things like, what does a puppy (snake, monkey, cow) say? or Where is your nose (eyes, ears, head, toes, tongue)? Today I asked where his belly button was and you know what he did? He pursed his little lips together and spat! He's SO smart! Do YOU get it? (made you smile)
9. books make this little one happy. He has been falling and bonking his head a little more often since he started walking, but I have discovered that the simple mention of reading a book calms him down and refocuses his attention. of course, I follow through and actually read him a book. Such a blessing that he loves books so much.
10. On that note, when we read together he leans back against me and gets so cozy in my arms and I melt every nap/bedtime that I get to sort of snuggle with him in this way. He is growing to be such a fun little boy, but I still get my little baby at times :)


Joshua and Rachel said...

How cute! He does such cute things! It is fun to watch him grow.

kate said...

yea wesley! :)